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One Day Drypoint Etching Workshop 

£65 Per person.

10am Meet and Greet. Stanpit Village Hall 


Morning session:


  • During the first part of the morning we will guide you in choosing and drawing a simple design for your finished print. We will bring lots of inspiration examples and ideas for you to work from or copy. You are also very welcome to bring your own ideas or sketches/photographs to work from. 

  • A quick demonstration about the tools we will be using and how to transfer your image to the perspex plate. 

  • For the rest of the morning session you will etch the design onto your plate and if you are quick you may do another. We will use pointed needles to scratch the surface and other mark making items such as sandpaper to create texture and tone.

  • We w30 minute lunch break approx 12.30 - 1pm. 


Afternoon session. 


  • After a short demonstration you will ink up your plate and ‘pull’ your first print from the press. We will be using high quality printmaking paper which will be damped to recieve the ink well. 

  •  Then you will repeat the process until you have a number of prints (an edition) to take home with you. 

  • At the end of the day we will look at what everyone has produced. 

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